The team work with the Esprit Quartett was exceptionally professional; they administered all our creative wishes with much flexibilty. Thank you for the wonderful musical performance. We sincerely recommend the Esprit Quartett.
Nathalie Berchtold, Communications Manager Swissport Zürich
With intensity and passion the Esprit Quartett's interpretation of Piazzollas's “Four Seasons” made the street life of Buenos Aires in Zurich come alive. We couldn't have imagined a better Semester begin at the Latin American Center!
Prof. Dr. Jens Andermann, Latin American Cultural Studies - Universität Zürich
The Esprit Quartet under the direction of Miss Chloë Kascha, succeeds time and time again in enchanting our guests with their musical perfection and dedication in providing first-class classical and modern repertoire. Due to their extraordinary professionalism and fliexible musical programs, the Esprit Quartet, whether solo or as a group is our first choice for the musical accompaniment of events where the first violin plays romance.
Kristin Semmler, Event Coordinator - Park Hotel Vitznau
I had the great pleasure of performing the flute quartet in D major, KV 285 with the Esprit Quartet. It was a treat! They are excellent strings players, highly professional and very nice, funny people. Preferably again tomorrow!
Prof.Dr.Med Silke Bachmann, Ärztliche Direktorin, Clienia Littenheid AG
Over Christmas 2017 we were able to enjoy a fabulously performed concert by the Esprit Quartet. Our hotel guests were extremely impressed by their diverse repertoire and high musical quality. We were also particularly fascinated by the friendly and relaxed nature of the ensemble members and especially by Ms. Kascha. An admirable and highly recommendable quartet that is able to perform classical music for any occasion. Thank you very much!
Kurt Siegenthaler, Hotel Silserhof, Sils-Baselgia
Our gala dinner was marvelously musically highlighted by the Esprit Quartett. Their musical performance gave the event a special elegance in which the guests and ourselves were thrilled by!
Alissa Brenn, Institute of Energy Technology - ETH Zürich
The exquisite harmonies of the Esprit Quartet accompanied our wedding with grace, and helped shape the fairytale like memory that we still cherish today. We were very impressed with their performance.
Philippe Wyder & Faye Michelle Jacob Wedding couple, NYC
It was a wonderfull concert for my farewell, the Quintett in C Major from Franz Schubert. I was amazed and a little surprised how mature the young quintet performed the melodious, sophisticated and unified. The church with its many concert visiters was filled with the music from Schubert!
Private Concert, Mr Reverend Peter Abraham, Reformed Church Zurich Friesenberg